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Mushroom Farmers Market Vendors

     Are you looking to sell your gourmet mushrooms and/or functional mushrooms at a farmers market and curious about how to do so? We go over the farmers market vendor application, farmers market vendor fees, rules, and farmers market vendor insurance here. Being farmers market vendors can be lucrative, but it does require getting some ducks in a row so we are here with some farmers market vendor information.

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Where to Sell Mushrooms

Ready to get your mushrooms in front of people, but you are now wondering how to sell gourmet mushrooms and functional mushrooms right? Wondering how to sell mushrooms to a restaurant, grocery store, or online? We’ll share some ideas that we’ve heard!

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Commercial Spawn, Commercial Spores, & Commercial Cultures

Are you looking to expand or start a mushroom farm? Well there is a good chance that you are looking into commercial mushroom spores, commercial mushroom cultures, and commercial mushroom spawn. There are a few variables to consider when deciding between them. We talk a bit about each of them and some reasons why one might choose one over the other.

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Mushroom Festival Vendors and Mushroom Advertisement

Are you looking to market your mushroom products? We have discounts and ideas! The Mushroom Summit is a functional mushroom event specialized to functional mushrooms that takes places in California on June 5-6, 2024. The Santa Cruz Mountain Mushroom Festival is in California on May 4-5. The Georgia Mushroom Festival is on October 4-6 in Dallas, GA. Contact us for discounts as we sponsor many of them!

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