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Commercial Spawn, Commercial Spores, & Commercial Cultures

   Are you looking to expand or start a mushroom farm? Well there is a good chance that you are looking into commercial mushroom spores, commercial mushroom cultures, and commercial mushroom spawn. We get into these a bit below. Having a property to grow a commercial mushroom farm is also obviously a critical piece and your landlord will likely ask to see proof of your mushroom farm insurance prior to being able to set up your farm, if you do not own the property. You will need your relative mushroom farm equipment in addition to if you have mushroom spawn etc. but here we stick mostly to the previously mentioned items. Anyway, let’s get into it.

    We will first lightly touch on commercial mushroom spawn. This is a substrate that has mycelium growing on it already. You can search online and find many commercial mushroom spawn suppliers. Commercial mushroom spawn is often made when there is a sterilized substrate inoculated with a culture. Commercial spawn can allow you to transfer mycelium from one substrate to another. Commercial mushroom spawn suppliers can get you started.

    Transitioning from commercial spawn, let’s talk about commercial mushroom spores syringes and commercial liquid culture syringes. A spore commercial syringe initiates from a spore print. Distilled water can be added and then the commercial mushroom spores can be drawn into a syringe. It is important to note that you want to make every effort to keep the contents sterile. Negligence with such could have you contacting your mushroom farm insurance for a claim and we want to avoid that. Some actions, not all, that people mention to take to keep your commercial mushroom spores sterile are to use a petri dish under a flow hood and to use a luer lock. A commercial liquid culture syringe is filled with live mushroom mycelium in a liquid nutrient solution. This solution is nutrient rich and gives the mycelium the nourishment it needs for a quicker colonization.

    There are a few variables to consider when deciding between the two. One is time. The liquid nutrient solution  with spore commercial syringes provides for faster colonization. This is often a reason for people to choose these. Another aspect of time that distinguishes them is the shelf life of each. Commercial liquid culture syringes are often said to last a shorter time than spore commercial syringes. Considering your operations, this may be a deciding factor. If you are trying to harvest repeatedly as fast as possible then this may be preferable for you. Spore commercial syringes have a mix of genetics, which may or may not matter to your mushroom farm. Cultures allow for the selection of a pure strain. If you are looking to be specific in the attributes of the mushrooms, this could possibly be a siding factor for you too. You of course need to have all of the commercial mushroom farming equipment that you need as well. You should have all mushrooms and mushroom products third-party tested, and your mushroom farm insurance should ask you about this.

    It's an amazing experience and process, whether you are a veteran or beginner. You can find anything from commercial mushroom spawn suppliers, to your commercial mushroom spores and commercial mushroom cultures, to your mushroom farming equipment. Social Media also has many groups dedicated to such. There is all kinds of information available to you online, but please make sure it is from a reputable source. If you want to see a quote on mushroom farm insurance, we are here to help. Have fun and we hope this was helpful!