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About Us

Spore Center Insurance Group specializes in Functional Mushroom Insurance and Culinary Mushroom Insurance. The industries surrounding culinary mushroom and functional mushroom manufacturing, mushroom retail, mushroom farm insurance, white label mushroom supplements suppliers, etc. is one of which many insurance agencies and carriers do not have within their scope of offered coverage for many mushrooms. We here at Spore Center Insurance Group have access to carriers that offer Functional Mushroom Insurance or Culinary Mushroom Insurance, coupled with a keen understanding of the mushroom industry itself.

Being that we are an independent insurance agency, we work with more than one insurance carrier offering Functional Mushroom Insurance or Culinary Mushroom Insurance. This means that we are truly working with our clients in mind as we are able to benchmark different insurance carriers for businesses that are culinary or functional mushroom manufacturing, as well as those that are white label mushroom supplements suppliers and those that are doing culinary or functional mushroom retail, etc. Mushroom insurance is still considered to be a specialized insurance sector for many mushrooms. We'd be happy to send you a Quote.

Spore Center Insurance Group services the industry Nationwide and is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Spore Center Insurance Group was started from a genuine interest and belief in the mushroom industry. We also understood that like any other industry, business owners that are mushroom manufacturing and business owners that are white label mushroom supplements suppliers, a mushroom distributer or in retail, etc. have associated risks that they need to have the ability to obtain coverage for. Spore Center Insurance Group understands your mushroom operations and products, and can help you both assess the risk and acquire coverage with Functional Mushroom Insurance or Culinary Mushroom Insurance.

The area that you work in will help us assess the risk. Mushroom farms looking for mushroom farm insurance will have different exposure than a business that is solely working with mushroom retail. The same goes for mushroom manufacturing as the business likely has property etc. associated with the operations that other businesses may not have. The same might be true for white label mushroom supplements suppliers. 

Our agents are knowledgeable with the functional mushroom industry and culinary mushroom industry, with years of experience in the insurance industry. We couple this experience and knowledge to be here and assist with your Functional Mushroom Insurance and Culinary Mushroom Insurance inquiries. Contact Us Now to Check Out a Quote.

Vision: To be the unanimous answer for companies in the mushroom industry seeking protection with comfort in their decision that allows them to stay focused on their daily business operations

Mission: We strive to consistently implement a level of effort that can only be extracted from genuinely caring about the effective protection of the industry, to always retain competitive access and avoid complacency, and to keep the passion for the insurance and mushroom industries intertwined in a way that serves to mutually compliment