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Where to Sell Mushrooms

    So you have your gourmet mushrooms and functional mushrooms and are ready to get them in front of people, but you are now wondering how to sell gourmet mushrooms and functional mushrooms right? We hear people ask about selling gourmet mushrooms often, with different answers and theories on where to sell gourmet mushrooms. It can depend on whether you want to sell mushrooms online, in person , or both, but we’ll share some ideas that we’ve heard!

    You first want to make sure that you are well prepared for your pitch.  You are likely going to be asked if you would be able to consistently fulfill the orders needed by the business that you are going to hopefully be selling gourmet mushrooms to. They likely want to know that whether it is functional mushrooms or gourmet mushrooms, they can count on you to produce what is needed. They also will likely ask you for your certificate of insurance to make sure that you have product liability insurance covering your products. They may also ask you for test results, which we recommend you have done as well. If you are working online, like selling dried mushrooms online, then you can also put these test results online for them to see. You may want to bring in a presentable set of samples, this is one way how to sell gourmet mushrooms

    Many people sell their gourmet mushrooms in person. Where to sell gourmet mushrooms in person you ask? You can go to restaurants, which can be tricky with selling gourmet mushrooms. People have mentioned going by the back door versus the front  door to get in contact with the kitchen personnel. You also likely want to avoid the busy hours. It is likely hard to get in front of people and also have the time to offer your mushrooms if they are slammed.  Just like in how to sell mushrooms to grocery stores and wanting to make sure that they carry the product or are open to it, you will likely want to check the menus and see who is using the products that you offer and has a need. This is one way how to sell gourmet mushrooms.

    Farmer’s Markets for mushrooms is a good solution to where to sell mushrooms also. They will likely ask about your coverage before you can exhibit there. There are also so many mushroom festivals across the country, talk about where to sell gourmet mushrooms! Do a quick Google search and you should see plenty, try to switch your search areas if not. These events can have many people in attendance along with presenters and sponsorship opportunities etc.  Where else, where to sell mushrooms you ask? Well what do your local neighborhood market prospects outlook look like? Examine your marketing in term of geographical penetration as you may need to additionally travel a bit around if you are wondering where to sell mushrooms.

     How to sell mushrooms to grocery stores can additionally be tricky. Is it a chain or no? Some grocery chains require an insurance limit that exceeds the standard limits so you will want to reference your policy if so. Is the decision maker in-house or do you need to call/travel to a corporate office? Do they already offer what you are offering and what gives you a competitive advantage? Tell them! Where to sell mushrooms is a multi-faceted question. Again, timing of your visit is good to consider. This could prove to be a regular client if you can land them, how to sell mushrooms to grocery stores is often something people are curious about because of this.

    Does a mushroom sell online? Well it likely won’t sell itself so you might be wondering where to sell gourmet mushrooms online. Does your business plan center around a more business-to-business premise or more on a business-to-consumer premise? Networking on sites like LinkedIn and Alignable helps if it’s business-to-business. Social Media could help if it’s more consumer based and you are going to sell mushrooms online. Is your website ready to sell mushrooms online? How to sell oyster mushroom online would seem similar to other mushrooms but it may also depend on if they are fresh gourmet or if you are selling dried mushrooms online. You need to examine the shelf life of the product either way, but fresh vs selling dried mushrooms online might bring up some different planning. Some people selling gourmet mushrooms online direct people on their website to the farmers markets that they attend on the weekend and don’t actually sell mushrooms online, or maybe they take the order online and pick them up at the farmer’s market. If online, Oyster mushrooms are such a beautiful mushroom like the rest and getting good pictures is recommended in regard to how to sell oyster mushroom online. Is your online store already open? If not, you may want to put a coming soon or product available soon on there to start gaining customer recognition even prior to launch. You can get their contact info to update them on when the functional mushrooms or gourmet mushrooms become available as that is an idea for how to sell oyster mushroom online before you even have them packaged.

    So if you’re wondering where to sell mushrooms,, a clear intention and good effort can help. We hope that this has helped you understand how to sell gourmet mushrooms. We hope to see you out there!