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Mushroom Festival Vendors and Mushroom Advertisement


    Are you looking to market your mushroom products? Whether it is white label mushroom coffee or mushroom tinctures and mushroom powders OR it is culinary mushrooms might make a big difference in the events that you find specialized to your sector. The Mushroom Summit is an example of a mushroom event that specialized in functional mushrooms and we talk about that a bit later. You could possibly meet a manufacturer for your private label mushroom supplements there. Some events pull more of a local market and some penetrate a market much wider, which may need to correlate to if you are a brick and mortar and/or online. Some events may require that mushroom festival vendors provide a certificate of insurance to exhibit at the mushroom expo as well. We get into our findings and list a couple of events as well.

    So functional mushroom products seem to have way less events specialized to them if you are looking for mushroom advertisement opportunities. You may see white label mushroom coffee on Instagram often, but face-to-face specialized events seem to be another story. One idea is that you may be able to look into industries that have a crossover in terms of the type of market that you are targeting. Some ideas for this are health and wellness events and hemp events if you feel that this crosses over to your market. The Mushroom Summit is a functional mushroom event that is specialized to functional mushrooms that takes places in California on June 5-6, 2024. There is an option for sponsors to exhibit like at a mushroom expo if you offer private label mushroom supplements or mushroom products in general.  Paul Stamets of Fungi Perfecti, LLC will be the keynote speaker and we actually have a discount code for the event, just shoot us over an email or give us a call. The agenda has a wide array of topics that they will be covering relative to the space, whether you are a functional mushroom manufacturer or doing something like mushroom tinctures or white label mushroom coffee. Another event coming up even sooner than that and will have some room for private label mushroom supplements companies is the Santa Cruz Mountain Mushroom Festival in California on May 4-5. We also have a discount code for this event, just give us a call or send us an email if you would like to check it out with the discount. If you are looking for a mushroom expo opportunity a bit more east, we additionally sponsor the Georgia Mushroom Festival on October 4-6 in Dallas, GA. They seem to cover all kinds of mushrooms at this mushroom expo if you are looking to be mushroom festival vendors.

    Whether you sell functional mushrooms or culinary mushrooms, you may want to consider a culinary mushroom expo. There is a good chance that you can still be mushroom festival vendors even if you are solely in the functional mushroom sector. The reason that we suggest this is that there seems to be so many more mushroom expo for culinary mushrooms than functional mushrooms. A simple google search will find you many of these in towns across the United States. They often have a mushroom forage, cooking classes, and/or grow information, and all kinds of different aspects of the mushroom industry sectors covered in presentations. You may again need a certificate of insurance to be mushroom festival vendors, check with the specific event.

    You will want to consider the timeframe. We feel that mushroom advertisement is key to attaining brand recognition and so these events could be pivotal alongside social media, content, etc., so making sure to plan the event is important. Sometimes the mushroom expo may have discounted pricing ahead of time. This also may be better on flight and hotel pricing. If it’s outside, the mushroom expo may require a tent with weights etc. to be mushroom festival vendors. You may also need to get your products, banners, etc there. So if you sell white label mushroom coffee for example, you may have to consider shipping rates and times for the product. You also may want to get certain locations at the mushroom expo and desirable ones may fill up fast too.

    We hope that you utilize our discounts to these events and get connected at all of the available mushroom expo events. We feel that there are still so many people still learning about the products so whether you are offering mushroom tinctures or white label mushroom coffee and so on, getting out in front of people and talking to them could be beneficial. We feel that private label mushroom supplements will be seen more and more at mushroom events in the next years. We look forward to seeing you and your business at one doing some mushroom advertisement!