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Mushroom Gummy Molds

    Are you already manufacturing mushroom gummies and looking for different mushroom gummy molds? Alternatively, are you currently selling private label mushroom gummies and looking to start making your own in-house? Well deciding on your mold is a critical part of the process alongside understanding the operations in general, which is discussed in another blog of ours. Did you know that there are mushroom molds silicone made and also teflon made.

    You likely already have heard of these two main types of mushroom gummy molds, and if not then now you know! Mushroom extract manufacturers that make gummies and gummy manufacturers in general prefer each one for different reasons, explained next. Whether you manufacture them or have them white labeled for you, protection is important. The first is a silicone mushroom mold. Mushroom gummy manufacturers may prefer these because they are often believed to be flexible in terms of orders. You may have clients that ask for orders in a particular size or shape. A mushroom silicone mold may often be used in smaller batches. With this logic, it could be a better fit for a smaller company or a company doing many different kinds of mushroom gummy molds shapes, or maybe just for their custom orders on private label mushrooms projects and white label mushroom projects.  This could also be determined based off of your depositing system. Manual depositing systems are believed to be more commonly used with a silicone mushroom mold. This most likely means that your output is less than our next mentioned mushroom gummy molds. You also want to make sure that they are thick enough and tough enough to live up to constant commercial use for you and your private label mushrooms clients.

    The second common type is Teflon coated aluminum molds. These are different from the mushroom silicone mold obviously by their material. These are more commonly used with mushroom gummy manufacturers that that need more output, larger orders and/or more clients to make them for. Maintaining these mushroom gummy molds is often said to be a relatively easy cleaning process, which sounds good for work in process of your mushroom gummies and those private label mushroom gummies that you are making for clients. However, mushroom extract manufacturers making gummies often say that the the corners of the gummy can get stuck in the mold at times and since these are not flexible, it can be a pain which might make you consider mushroom molds silicone depending on your situation. Also make sure that the machines are properly maintained , configured, and safe, so that you have no workers’ compensation claims.

    How do I keep my mushroom gummy mold clean? Many mushroom extract manufacturers use preventative measure on the mushroom gummies sticking to the mushroom gummy molds. Depending on the mold, the private label mushrooms manufacturer might chill the mold and/or spray it with a safe oil. The teflon coating is also said to have a slick surface. Mushroom extract manufacturers will find that many of both the mushroom silicone mold and mushroom gummy molds made of aluminum are able to be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher or by hand with dish soap.

    If you are doing particular shapes, making sure that there is no trademark issue with the shape is a good idea. One reason for this is that you don’t want to get sued for your silcone mushroom mold or aluminum made gummies. Another reason is that you don’t want to have to make new mushroom gummy molds and mushroom gummies themselves. This will likely require a custom mushroom silicone mold or aluminum mold. The good thing is that if you get good ones, you can than hopefully use them for that private label mushroom gummies clients future runs for a while. Extra work as usual comes with extra costs though. This will be an added cost to silicone mushroom mold or in aluminum that come in a standard shape that mushroom extract manufacturers already have on hand. Of course, get insurance in place before doing any of this.

    There are many companies from a quick google search to find gummy molds, you want to make sure that the mushroom molds silicone or aluminum are of good quality for commercial use and from a reputable source, etc. Sometimes cutting corners can end up in more time in the end. We hope that you find the mold that works best for your business!